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Contact Discovery & List Building

Contact Discovery means finding current, accurate demographic information for people and companies. In CRM terminology, this is Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Our Contact Discovery services for CRM are designed to solve the primary problems marketing and sales executives face with email marketing, prospecting or lead generation data:

  • A lack of current, valid prospects with accurate contact information (more please!)
  • “For purchase” prospect lists from online database providers often have a high percentage of old data or don’t offer the specific titles for your target market
  • Your existing Accounts are missing important data that needs enrichment or don’t have current Contacts who you can market and sell to

Trying to solve these problems using frontline employees like a sales development team (SDR’s) is expensive and other internal resources like IT are often unavailable.

Our solution

Use our Data Clerk team. Our Contact Discovery service is amazingly affordable and easily scales up or down to fit your goals and budget Рyes, you can increase or decrease your amount of service as you wish.

  • We find specifically and exactly the Contacts or companies / Accounts you want to target
  • We can search for and filter on any attribute
  • We provide results “by hand” meaning the data gets loaded or added to records cleanly & precisely where you need it to go with no stress on you or your systems

And like all our services, we’re data clerk (i.e. human) driven and not machine driven. The big difference? Machines cast a wide net and harvest out-of-date or wrong data mixed together with the data you want. We don’t do that. Our data clerks use human skills, experience and the right tools for the job to sift through data discovery results and retrieve only current, validated data while ignoring out-of-date, untrusted and irrelevant information.

Build Pricing

Build exact pricing with the Contact Discovery Pricing Tool

Contact & Account Discovery Service Summary

  • Find specifically & exactly the contacts or companies you need to target
  • Search for and filter on any attribute
  • Search for and filter on any demographic or firmographic information
  • Obtain email address
  • Obtain company email format & URL
  • Obtain direct phone number
  • Obtain company main or branch location phone number
  • Obtain buyer persona attributes¬†

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