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Perfectly Clean And Organized

Why Data Quality Tools Are Essential

You have more information than ever about your customers thanks to big data and technology. But you need more than large quantities of data to succeed with your sales and marketing strategies. The right data quality tools make the difference when you're optimizing your productivity and maximizing revenue. The Impact…

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Data Quality Tipping Point

The Data Quality Tipping Point

By Martin Doyle CEO DQ Global Data Quality Software Whatever your business sector, data is your most valuable asset. Along with the machinery and stock you hold, data and insights hold the key to profit and growth. But it has the unique ability to unite every department, and every function.…

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Data Automation Vs. Humans

Machines vs. Humans – What’s your CRM data worth?

Last week a Marketing VP asked me about adding data to Salesforce using machine software apps vs. humans like Salesbroom. For Salesforce and similar CRM's, data enrichment really comes down to trust and how much bad data costs you and your company. If the company's going to launch a million…

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