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Validating Data in a Purchased List of Contacts

An example of how we validate a list of Contact data purchased from a data list vendor. The customer in this example wanted to be certain the data was highly accurate before committing sales and marketing resources to using it.

About Salesbroom

Salesbroom is a data clerk company. We provide CRM data clerks and data clerk services that clean, enrich and curate data residing in our customer’s platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot.

Because our data clerks and project managers are employees (not crowd sourced), we’re able to provide experienced hands who quickly fit into our customer’s existing process, data tools and volume of work. Easy to get started immediately on time sensitive projects and effective right out of the gate.

Solutions cover the full spectrum of data stewardship and can be project or annual engagements. All services include project management and quality control.

How we work

Whether it’s data enrichment efforts, data cleanup projects, a nightly data cleaning regimen or quarterly data “housekeeping”; we start new projects with a project planning call.

During these calls with you and your team, our project managers gather the details surrounding the data set(s) to be worked, database software you’re using (e.g. Salesforce, Marketo etc.) and all the objectives, rules and processes needed to execute the work including completion time frames and delivery dates.

With the details established, at your option we’ll either create an estimate for your approval or get right to work. As your project progresses, we’ll be in regular contact with you to refine or tweak any rules and provide updates.

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