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Example data cleaning and data enrichment projects

The data projects we work on commonly fall into 4 categories: data cleanup, data enrichment, contact discovery and data administration.

The fourth category, data administration service, centralizes Account, Contact and Opportunity record creation to a  Salesbroom Data Admin. As a result, we fix the “bad data in – bad data out” problem.

De-duping Contacts & Identifying the Primary Record

Determining the primary record field data to keep during the duplicate merging process can be surprisingly complex - especially when a large number of fields require review. Here we evaluate a large number of field values and progressive IF-THEN rules.

Validating Data in a Purchased List of Contacts

An example of how we validate a list of Contacts purchased from a vendor. The customer wanted to be certain the data was highly accurate before committing sales and marketing resources to using it.

Cleaning Unresolved Emails in Salesforce and Appending Records as Necessary

Customer wanted all Leads or Contacts their sales team was emailing to have a record in Salesforce.

Updating Leads Using Complex Instructions

The project in this example was updating Leads for use with Pardot marketing automation campaigns.

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