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How Our Data Clerks Work

Whether it’s data cleaning work, data enrichment projects, a weekly contact discovery regimen or quarterly data “housekeeping”; data projects start with a project planning call with our project management team.

During these calls, our project managers gather the details surrounding the data set(s) to be worked, database software you’re using (e.g. Salesforce, Marketo etc.) and all the objectives, rules and processes needed to execute the work including completion time frames and delivery dates.

With the details established, at your option we’ll either create an estimate for your approval or get right to work. As your project progresses, we’ll be in regular contact with you to refine or tweak any rules and provide updates. Check out a few example projects:

Example Data Projects

Access to Data

Our data clerks work for customers remotely while remaining based in Salesbroom facilities. If we need access to your data within one or several of your systems, you can provide us the appropriate access level and permissions as you would a remote employee. You can also share data sets with us outside your systems in sheets or CSV format.

Data Cleanup Planning and Execution

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