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Data Admin Virtual Staff
for Salesforce

With our Data Admin Virtual Staff for Salesforce, our data admins create records and update data for your sales people.

Your “data entry desk”

As a result, we solve one of the most difficult problems facing sales & marketing – and the whole company – bad data in, bad data out.

And the bad data problem comes from multiple directions:

  • New CRM records are created by a wide variety of users making data standardization difficult. 
  • Many frontline users do not or can’t create the reports they need to better perform their job
  • CRM record ownership easily falls behind the pace of business change
  • Data entry burdens time-constrained frontline employees (i.e. Sales) causing errors and omissions

Trying to solve these problems using the same time-constrained frontline employees like a sales development team (SDR’s) is expensive and counter productive. Alternate internal resources like IT are hard pressed to make clean data creation a priority.

Our solution

Use our Data Admin team to create clean, complete data. Our Data Admin Virtual Staff service for Salesforce is amazingly affordable and you can pick and choose the tasks you need us to perform to fit your goals and budget.

Need more, assign us more. Need less, have us do less – all according to your needs and our pricing moves up and down to match.

Example data admin tasks:

  • Good data in! Add new data to fields (cleanly) and create new records using data standardization rules. 
  • Generate reports for all Salesforce users
  • Maintain record ownership following the customer’s rules and workflows
  • Activity logging and record updating to offload data entry work from frontline Salesforce users (e.g. Sales Reps)
  • Scrub, standardize & enrich inbound Leads
  • Trigger or administer custom workflows

And like all our services, we’re data admin (i.e. human) driven. Our data admins use human skills, experience and the right tools for the job to create, clean and maintain data.

Data Admin Virtual Staff for Salesforce

  • Create & update data as the central resource for Salesforce end users
  • Create standardized records for all new data
  • Scrub & enrich inbound Leads
  • Clean, dedupe and validate your bad data
  • Enrich or find Contact data
  • Build campaign lists
  • Generate reports for Salesforce users
  • Log activity for sales reps
  • Maintain ownership of Salesforce records
  • Trigger workflow processes

In the least amount of time:

Current, accurate data means your sales & marketing teams can produce the best possible results at the lowest possible cost in the least amount of time.

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